How To Hide My Facebook Account Without Deleting It



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How to use the Facebook Acquaintances List to hide annoying updates | Be Web Smart

What a lost dont know how to recover my account i try to quit but i cant my friends and family was there and i need to contact them so i decide to create new but after few days its disable again!

  • I suspect because I had posted a positive meme which on August 5th my ex attacked with vulgar, sexual and attacking me for my disability for which I was on SSDI calling me a retard. I understand the issue, but if the person is blocked permanently from asking that particular person a for friendship, could that not be enough?
  • I have had it for about 6 years now and all I do is share videos of food and post pictures of my adventures. If you like or comment on anything that is a public post, the restricted friend might see that and could share it from there.
  • Using facebook through my laptop I cannot find these friends at all.
  • When I went back to work on the main acct my timeline was backed up to and pics gone. They probably have covered their butts so that suing them is not a viable option for individuals.

I am so glad to know I am not alone! We agreed to disagree. But Not a shik was given anyway, recently I tired opening It got opened but Its not working, I can check mu msges, and updates but I can comment or like any update or check any of my old updates. Enable my facebook account and pages again. And sorry if I dont make any sense, just let me know and I will try to explain differently.

DESCRIPTION: If I add you, I follow. Looked on the friends age but that option is not there. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories.

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That would be very helpful!! My fb acc for gaming is disabled today. Hope these instructions help you stay sane amidst the daily litany of over sharing. For more information about our policies, please read the Facebook Community Standards: Thank you for posting this Rick.

How to Distance yourself from a Facebook friend without Unfriending

The last time this happened, which was one of the few times they actually sent me a copy of the violating post with the suspension notice, I tried 29 times to contact them. Its weird Withour i had enough and in my opinion facebook is a waste of time. However I have been band before for a meme of Hitler. Facebook has failed in its responsibilities to its users.

Just on this Monday received a massage saying that my account was disabled and provided me a link from FAQ to fix the issue. Hi Jean, thanks for all of the information! Learn More about why your account might be disabled.

They make so much money, how about providing us users decent customer service? Once we die, everything just seizes to have any existence. Well, not via Tinder. Not sure what will happen as I have not had a response yet, but I am not seeing it as hopeful.

  • How Can I Permanently Delete My Facebook Account ?
  • I had to block all my friends from posting to my wall because my brother is a racist and has no self control or respect for my friends. Ban 1 family member loose an additional clients off their site do the math.
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  • Its like she is trying to get me to see what she is saying on her public posts so I can see it she is my xhusbands new gf…so can that be done and not being friends?

I never want to use it again!! I have blocked them and switched my privacy settings but once I see the vulgar messages, the damage is done. Probably, since it is the privacy setting of the original update — which in this example is a public update. Facebook has still yet to give me a reason why my account was disabled. Thanks very much, it worked and now I shall spend not even one more second with that BS. If you send someone a friend request who allows everybody to follow them, you'll automatically follow their posts.

JC Jnaneshwar Chauhan Aug 30, You have deactivated my account….. My account was disabled this afternoon. Sent an email to facebook, got back a response on how to login correctly into my account and hope this helps. The thing is i received some email say that they updated, but when i clicked to see the post it no longer existed from my email.


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