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High school is not the best life experience when one is at the bottom of the social ladder.

  • That surprised her as much as the fact that Rachel Berry had one in the first place did. So, what's it like?
  • Sighing, she got her iPod out and started scrolling through her song selections. They briefly talk, when they couldn't find anyone to join.
  • Trio While feuding with Rachel, Santana mentions that after being in New York, she thought that her only girl friend was Rachel, and comparing her to Quinn and Brittany. The Power of Madonna.
  • It had meant so much to her, though, that Finn had chosen her over Quinn. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle.
  • Finn and Quinn are nominated for Prom King and Queen respectfully, and decide to campaign together.

Quinn also apologizes to Finn about his and Rachel's break-up. Near the end of the episode, Quinn tells Puck that Rachel was Finn's soulmate. Carl , Emma , and Puck. The two begin to comfort each other, Rachel tells Quinn she'll go far in life with or without her looks. When both Finn and Quinn come down with a case of mono, they are in the Nurse's office and Quinn tells Finn to figure out what's going on between him and Rachel. And she was not about to chicken out now. Brittany and Sam dancing together distracts them.

DESCRIPTION: She liked the husky and sultry sound in Quinn's voice. Friday afternoon and school was out, the girl's practice had ended as had the boy's football practice. Quinn and Rachel both come back to Lima to commemorate lessons.

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Rachel voted for Quinn in the duet competition, but it was so Sam would stay in New Directions, which resulted in Quinn and Sam, winning the dinner at Breadstix. Rachel jumped out of her skin. Quinn is seen a few times in photos that Rachel has on the wall in her bedroom. Quinn was about to leave the bathroom when Rachel pulled her back by the wrist. The tasted each other's swirling tongues until they needed air. Rachel for the first time in person insults Quinn by referring to her and Sam as "Ken and Barbie" She is also genuinely outraged when she finds out that Quinn is getting a solo for Sectionals , and she is not.

The Quinn-Santana Relationship, more commonly known as Quinntana, is the friendship between Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez. They seem to have a competitive on-off friendship at times, and a solid friendship at others. They slept together at least twice in I Do. In the beginning of Season One. Spring Break Author: Steppenwolf_20 Fandom: Glee, set in first year of college, possible minor spoilers for season 4 Setting: Its freshman year at college for Rachel and Santana, in New York, and Quinn, at Yale. Brittany is still in Lima. Pairing: Faberry, Brittana, Faberrittana, past.

Quinn-Santana Relationship

I need you inside me, and I need you now…raw. This prompts her to sing the song Take a Bowto express her feelings about the situation. She purred and gyrated her hips as she listened to the older woman's breathing start to labor.

Afterwards Santana joins Quinn as she confronts Finn about talking with Rachel and watches her from the side. Quinn steals Santana's head cheerio status by telling Sue about Santana's boob job that she got over the summer. Rachel felt her stomach coil, a sign of her impending orgasm.

Follow/Fav I Do Not Hook Up By: Skates16 Glee Club doesn't work so well if the girls are mad at the guys, so Will comes up with an idea: singing competition. Of course the guys come up with a little wager, should they win Part 1, Finn/Rachel, Quinn/Puck, Tina/Artie. FanFiction | unleash They met in this very same bar and had a drunken hook-up, and they dated after that. Rachel had to admit that she was good in bed, but she just couldn't feel any connection between them. And so, she broke it off after around three months of dating. She hadn't dated after that, and now she was single for nearly six months. She . Quinn has regretted breaking up with the Broadway diva but if she could take it back, she has no idea what the fate have in store for her and Rachel when a letter in the mail about their ten year reunion. What will this mean for the both? Will long buried feeling arise or .

Finn and Quinn are nominated for Prom King and Queen respectfully, and decide to campaign together.

In Season Two, they appear to have cooled in their aggression towards each other, only to both go after Finn again. Is anybody else with me on this? Everyone deserves to be happy.

  • A Faberry Romance (Glee)
  • Quinn and Santana in Empire State Of Mind This causes Santana to attack her and ends up with them having a fight in the school hallway, only to be stopped by Will.
  • Quinn-Santana Relationship
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Rachel feels as if it's her fault, but Quinn tells her that it's not and comforts her. Rachel just laughs at her, and says "every day, glee's status is going up, and yours is going down. Rachel adds that she still can't believe that they're friends. Along with the rest of the Glee girls, Quinn gives Rachel some friendly advice on if she should lose her virginity to Finn. It had meant so much to her, though, that Finn had chosen her over Quinn. They are also looking at each other.

Quinn-Rachel Relationship

Just come for me now. Preggers Mercedes informs Rachel that Quinn is "knocked up" and Kurt adds that the baby daddy is Finn.


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