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Which Hogwarts House do you Belong to? Embed Playbuzz in your website with our WordPress plugin. Display item info the thumbnail, name, description and editor.

  • Hogwarts Love Story and much, much more.
  • A companion or partner.
  • Draco Malfoy; Sexy is under his name definition for a reason. He can be sensitive too!

DESCRIPTION: Regulus Arcturus Black x. A monkey; keen, loving, curious, observant, outgoing. Loose, baby sky blue, strapless gown. I'm sorry if you didn't get what you wanted but hey i tried

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Hogwarts life long results Sorry if there are any spelling mistakes! What would your Quidditch position be? Discover everything by taking this quiz:

Which character fits you best and what is YOUR life in Harry Potter? (FYI, this quiz has VERY long results, so just a heads up:)). Harry Potter Life Quiz (Marauders Era and long results) The5thMarauder Books Personality June 21, Each of the results in this correspond to a character in my story, The Descendants. All of the results will take place in the Marauders Era. The Harry Potter series was not short on male eye candy! The main male characters were all good looking and had unique personalities. Harry was the caring and courageous one while Ron was the sweet and clumsy one. There were plenty more, so take this quiz to find our which character from the "Harry Potter" book/movie series would have been .

Add to library Discussion 72 Browse more Books. Who was the quidditch commentator in Harry's first years at Hogwarts? Let him; he's hot and you very well know it!

Who was the first to be stunned by the Basilisk? Who is Harry's godson? What Book Should You Read? What school did the Dursley's say they sent Harry to?

  • Your Harry Potter Life (Girls Only)
  • Test your wizarding knowledge and give our Harry Potter quiz a go! How did Harry spend his first detention?
  • Who's your Harry Potter love match?
  • I'd be a boggarts worst fear

Not to mention, some of you may hate him, but he's easily misunderstood and misguided; that's not his fault now is it? Hogwarts Love Story and much, much more. What magazine does Luna's father publish? Regulus Arcturus Black x. Nearly Headless Nick x.

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Find out who's sister you are in Harry Potter Harry Potter Life for Girls extremely long results. I was the one cheating sh!


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