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Retrieved September 4, At first Jessica said it was a stranger but when Antonio pressed her, she admitted she saw Antonio.

  • This drama deserves all good things!
  • So it means…you can continue recap SH, right?
  • It was ridiculous to add 4 episodes with new issues when they should have cleanly closed out the side stories and leave viewers with a good feeling. She lectures Yun Chao that the children will be separated because they will be sent to various orphanages.
  • Ruo Xi wanted to survive on her own terms, protecting herself and not tinkering with history. Episode began with a reorganization of nine representatives which included two remaining members Patry and Mondi.

Not as emotional or as potentially flighty as 13th Prince. Georg Dec 11 2: The OLTL Daily Recaps Archive offers you day-to-day summaries of One Life to Live beginning in through the series' network finale in , and then picking up with its online rebirth in I'm sure you'll have the same love for it once you watch it. I look forward to more character development!

DESCRIPTION: I watched first and second episode, the chemistry between the cast are good, and make me excited to watch next episodes. They ended up in Seoul. Independent, thoughtful, practical, spirited, adaptable. But I get the writer wants to send a cultural message about the discrimination single mothers face in South Korea.

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INT Dec 06 9: It was a day shoot, and on good days she may be able to sleep 5 hours, but most of the time she slept hours at most and was back on set. Kelly broke it off with Spencer. John let himself be taken hostage and then got Carlo to admit what he had done to Cristian while he recorded the confession.

Xia Dec 19 pm Cha Dan is irritating. He is so not an endearing character. Cries every single time they touch him or when they raise their voices at him. Taeyon has no redeeming qualities he never grew up nor his character developed in a positive light in the run of the series. I wanted to watch the girl who can see smell too, but the premise/plot was just not mine really xD I actually find Superdaddy Yeol funny (especially since it’s made from the same people who did Marriage Not Dating) and while the plot may be lacking for some people, I’m so in love with the.

A Guide to the Princes of Bu Bu Jing Xin

I'm so happy to see these two together again in this drama! Every day, I'm longing the vibe that the story gives out and how beautiful it is. Once the coroner admitted Daniel forced him to change the autopsy, John and Bo were able to secure a warrant for Daniel's arrest from the Marriagee General. Lee was my favorite Lee.

But what I love about SH is how it never dawdles on milking any moment.

  • Sunny Happiness Episode 1 Recap
  • Nora discovered Daniel's real name is Teddy, short for Theodore. I like the premise, but the Eun-Cha character seems excessively cruel to Gi-young.
  • I'll talk about dramas if I want to
  • I think his previous wife Jung Min was the one love of his life. Till now I still not understand about Euncha's feeling.
  • Rex tried to say goodbye to the Rappaports but was arrested by Bo when the gun planting video was enhanced, exposing Rex at the scene of the crime.

I super love this drama Because this is my first life , it tops my favorite dramas of all time. Pyo Ye Jin Supporting Cast. I Wish They Lived Together. Riley found the planted deposit slips in Jen's things and learned she lied about drinking with Rex. A moody Jessica was angry at Antonio for kissing her and blamed Antonio for trashing her bedroom. But it just my opinion in the end.

It's almost unwatchable at episode 6. I hope this drama will be many episodes, really worth it to watch! The inherent dramatic crescendo of music is missing, and all we get are the voiceovers that tell us this moment will later be remembered as something special. Norma Nov 18 4:

You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Although I do believe there should have been more or just 1 more eps to tie up some loose ends. I have watched episode 1 and 2 and I can say its interesting and I like it so far.. This realistic drama about our changing times also speaks of women facing patriarchal pressures within families and abuse of power on the job. So far till ep. So I believe that him growing up like this caused him to behave in this manner with CKY.


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