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I do, it is easier and less messy. Be aware that although the initial healing should take less than three months, it can take over a year for the piercing to heal completely and for scar tissue to form. Think about whether this specific piercing is something you will still want in years to come and whether it will affect your life or relationships in any way.

  • This can be useful for breastfeeding, which is not hindered by a nipple piercing in any way. What is your favorite daily use soap?
  • Weigh up the pros and cons of getting your nipple pierced. Nipple piercings can be somewhat painful and can take up to a year to completely heal.
  • While jewelry purchased from us or any other high-quality source is relatively clean, it will need a gentle cleansing before putting it in.
  • It could take a while before the piercing is completely healed.
  • Towel dry your body as normal but use a piece of paper towel to gently pat your piercing dry. Can I still get my nipples pierced if they are inverted?

If they're pressing in, it can cause necrosis i. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Eventually I had to give that piericings up because it took to much effort to put back in. The website should be professional and well-organized, with plenty of helpful information. Related Questions Nipple Piercing? Changing Nipple Piercing Jewelry.

DESCRIPTION: And why do you like it so much? You can purchase a saline nipple piercing aftercare spray like Recovery Piercing Aftercare Spray or H2Ocean and spritz it on every few hours throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated and your nipple piercings flushed of debris. Do not remove the ring or barbell from the piercing until it has fully healed.

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Do not remove the ring or barbell from the piercing until it has fully healed. How long can you keep the piercings out if you're breastfeeding. Below are some helpful tips for keeping your piercings happy and healthy when inserting or removing jewelry. If you need any more advice, just e-mail me and I'll gladly help. They may also provide a gallery of images so you can see photos of the shop, along with pictures of previous customer's piercings. You might want to get the piercing done in the fall. Skip to main content.

If you have to change your nipple piercing jewelry sooner either because it's too tight, you're allergic to the material, or you're dissatisfied with it in general. That doesn't mean a nipple piercing can't reject jewelry, though, especially if it's not done properly in the You will not need to change the size of your bra.

Answer Questions Nose disfigurment? It's best to ask your piercer for help if you have to change your jewelry early on because of issues like swelling or a reaction to the material from which your nipple jewelry is made. Some women say that it's helpful to wear a sports bra at night, particularly during those most sensitive first weeks, while others prefer just a light cotton t-shirt, which is also the best option for men to wear to bed after having their nipples pierced.

  • How Long After Piercing Can You Change Your Nipple Ring?
  • However, if your breasts tend to be swollen and sore around your time of the month, then be forewarned that getting your nipples pierced could exacerbate your discomfort level. You could very well find that you got yourself psyched up only to say "That was it?!
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If you have any or all of these symptoms, see your doctor right away and ask if you need to start taking an antibiotic. Should I avoid going to the beach or swimming while my piercing is healing? You'll save yourself a lot of potential trouble if you're patient and wait months to take your nipple piercings for a test drive in the bedroom! Can I still exercise while my piercing heals? Like that momentary pinch of the needle going through your first nipple, the physiological reaction that fear triggers can also be fleeting, so it's best to decide ahead whether or not you want both nipples pierced at once. The yarrow and yucca glauca roots have anti-inflammatory, numbing and skin rejuvenation properties.

A condition known as toxic shock syndrome may have developed which is severe and can lead to death if left untreated. That way your piercer can be prepared to do them in relatively quick succession. However, if your breasts tend to be swollen and sore around your time of the month, then be forewarned that getting your nipples pierced could exacerbate your discomfort level. Make sure that the piercer washes his hands before putting on clean gloves. How should I pierce my ears? You don't have much to gain, but a lot to lose.


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