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At present a or b is getting included, which is my concern.

  • The labelformat option can be set to:
  • Sign up using Email and Password. There is nothing to change in your document to use CM Super fonts assuming they are installed , they will get loaded automatically if you use T1 encoding.
  • This page will go over a few examples of how to change these and other aspects of the captions, including the numbering or lettering style arabic, alphabetical or Roman numerals , the caption position and how to get captions with no label i. Here is a list of the most common fonts, and their codes:

To put the Q. It is possible to load several encodings simultaneously. In this case, define subsequent theorems as:. If it's not in the list, it is not installed at least not for ConTeXt. This helped a lot.

DESCRIPTION: Thank you very much for this fantastic entry. However, many typefaces come in more than two weights—some versions of Futura , for example, comes in light , book , medium , demi , bold , and extra bold weights. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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Thanks for your comment! Maybe you could comment on that as well in this post? Digitising human language is a complicated topic that has evolved significantly since TeX's inception. It provided some workarounds for hyphenation of words with special characters.

LaTeX/Fonts. From Wikibooks, LaTeX command Equivalent switch Output style Remarks \textnormal LaTeX Font Warning. How do I use a particular font for a small section of text document it's best to define a new font e.g. typing LaTeX style quotation marks or --and.

I just called them fig: November at 5: There are two possible ways to use these font size modifier commands, inline or as environment: There are five ways you can show the counters replace counter with the actual counter you want to show, such as table:. I believe your question is of Latex Define Font Style deliberately introductory or basic nature.

Views Read Edit View history. I have been looking for long but couldn't find it, can you help me get through this issue?

The default font encoding is OT1, the encoding of the original Computer Modern fonts. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Theorems, Lemmas and Corollaries to share a counter.

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  • This page was last edited on 15 June , at The examples here are not an exhaustive listing; there are many other things you can do, so it would be worthwhile to read the caption package documentation.
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  • Restricting the scope of the selection You can always restrict the scope of font changing commands by enclosing the text in braces:

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