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BOTH people in the relationship have to feel the same way for there to be no problems. When we separated, he knew I adored him.

  • Jan 21,
  • Because there the men go there purely to focus on the individual womans body and get turned on by her body alone. Watching porn can be considered the same as watching TV or movies.
  • The vision of the harlot corrupted church with all the daughters split denominations in the book of Revelation has come true.

How do men think women feel then!? This entry was posted by Darryl on October 9, If she's horny, she says, she just goes out and gets sex. I am now 60, yes 60! I know the bulk of the population will disagree with me on that one though. He is so disrespectful and sneaky about it too. Then he must masturbate at that.

DESCRIPTION: Then he must masturbate at that. Believe me,it was the most difficult habit to break ,no different than a alcoholic trying to quit drinking.

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One man is enough for a woman. The couple you are talking about, it sounds tragic. I do NOT advocate it. Lust as a sin should be more linked with the desire to covet for sex, rather than passing thoughts or image used for the purpose of masturbation. My girlfriend is completely fine with that since she sees that I have no problem pleasing her or me getting pleasure even after I watch porn. Some of it was sexy, some bland, some kinky, some disgusting.

it depends on ur marriage and how miture the guy is many many men cant wait till their wives leave to open porn and masturbate and have less sex.. if he has sex often and u feellovedand he watches together thanmight be just for curiosity and from being bored.. buuuut u with be much hotter for ur wife if u never see any other naked woman and. Jan 25,  · Women in general are not as sexual or visual as men so I was just wondering. Meaning women usually have a much more emotional connection when it .

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Try spreading it more often and outside of the bedroom as well. It involves mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, ethical, cultural and religious aspects. Men like porn for a lot of reasons.

  • Why Do Married Men Masturbate?
  • You can be the sexiest beast on the planet, and try to please him the best way you can, they will still look at porn. It just dawned on me that my husband has a problem with masturbation.
  • Why Do Married Men Masturbate?
  • Both the husband and wife are in counseling and they are working through this issues with Christian counselors.

I love the discussion. And, yes, I am praying for him. Recent Comments victor modugno on Sam J.

I really feel sorry for all of you repressed neo-Puritan Victorians. Like any stimulant, men can become addicted to visual stimulation and women to mental emotional stimulation ie.


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