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I like your acting sooooo much. One can be very caring to pets or children but yet can be violent towards their spouse. Biaskimhyunjonng Sep 04 4:

  • I totally adore him from the series Nurse no oshigoto…and I also started liking Mizuki Arisa.
  • I never being the same after that!!
  • The Lettuce Couple will only be the ship that I will sail all my life! May The Lord's Glorious Light shine on you so that you will overcome.
  • Thank you so much for introducing me to the world of grand Chinese dramas. Noona Oct 06 8:

I tried to hold out but the plot just keeps increasingly getting worse and worse. This drama have a full of "LOVE". Is it worth fighting for? I don't care what anyone says I know he is a good person and I am praying for him to be successful, and he a good life. A drama viewer should watch without prejudice and actors are only portraying their roles according to the script, be it an antagonist or a protagonist. Just finished watching him in duel but i want to see him again already!!!

DESCRIPTION: The only people who know the truth are the 2 people involved in the actual situation. I even love his acting more after i watch this drama. Mediator Sep 21

MariaSole 12: i loved this! Kudos to Lady H! Slave S is a very lucky slut!

Cian O Malley: funny. The girls were over-acting a bit.


RG Dave: Every good girl deserves gangbang!

Adrian Garcia: Excellent cruel. It's a great pleasure, tu observe the terrible pain of the slut. When she is paid for, she has to suffer, the more the better.

Andy Avram: I love to find such couples

Jimmy Kaal: Another great one from you.

Tremolo3: ja soooo geil, das sollten wir auch mal machen

I believe you're innocent until proven guilty, and to be honest, I think I was more upset over you lying about having a gf than this scandal now. I am very thankful to people who put the dramas on YouTube too, because I can watch many with the little money I have. I love the list! Best of luck to him and the rest of the crew in their future. Yang se Jong fighting! I have a shift. Kim Jo Han Profile Lyrics.

Temperature of Love

Urban Zakapa Profile Lyrics. Lunia Nov 22 2: Thank you for this wonderful series. Vise Jun 23 7:

Nice to meet you. And playful kiss and others that he starred in. Her voice is very good, i just found out that she is a former girlband leader M. I wanna watch your new drama. I love u so uJng Kim Hyun-Joong From the teasers, the show looks totally promising, can't wait!!!

I applause YSJ acting at the end of ep

Angelitocurioso Just joking about it!! It almost agreed to mine: Stop making him so pathetic while delusionally make yourself look more pathetic when you're actually not. Can you help me where can I read a full recap of madam butterflies..

Produce Profile Lyrics. IceAndHoneysuckle Oct 03 8:

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I'm your biggest fan in the Philippines. Will Jung Woo proceed his proposal? Dwelling on characters' emotions and thoughts a little too much. Even i dont like many dramas.. Agree with your list:

I'll talk about dramas if I want to

Both of them turn him into a fool. I wish for this drama to be successful till the end. Chaell Apr 13 8: Wish u all the best and keep it up till the end! MN Nov 15 4: No wonder we henecia call 4d alien. I'm glad I'm a fan. I hope to see you on your world tour

MN Nov 15 4: Kim Soo Hyun Profile Lyrics. Bao Nov 11


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