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Well, it's definitely working! Besides, that actress is infusing Madam Na with too much humanity to let her be a flat stock character.

  • Yul and Da Jung walk out with her clutching his arm but the position is awkward so Yul drapes his arm around her to show their solidarity before the reporters.
  • Gidget December 24, at 3:
  • His staffer says its a shock that the position went to Kwon Yul when it should have gone to Joon Ki.
  • That was just perfect. Seems to me that the main framework is the sound of Music.
  • She's also pregnant with their second child right now. What if it was troubled?

DESCRIPTION: Yul gets jealous 2. I didn't fully comprehend how over it was the moment DJ and Yul met, but now I am simply enjoying that these two are perfect together. Orion December 24, at

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That seems like too juicy a detail to leave unanswered. Taking his hand Da-jung calls him her guardian angel. Jang Guem Suk December 25, at 1: Yul tells her to stop and goes over. Callmechrisss December 25, at 8:

  • Prime Minister and I Episode 8 Recap
  • It makes me think if his wife was having an affair.
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  • Also she's not necessarily required to know that nor is it really her responsibility to remind a father of his daughter's b-day.
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I second the idea he was in the other car when he got killed. Ohh and Kwon Woori mentioned it too today in EP I also really like how they didn't choose the most handsome, tall and young actor out there to play the PM, but instead chose a more reasonable choice which makes the series all more realistic.

Ibu December 25, at 9: Can't wait for next week and I don't know how I'll survive the entire run like this coz right now I keep speculating about next episodes for the rest of the week. He smiles and is about to pour her one when he pulls back and tells her to drink less, reminding her of the drunken time she ran into him. Online split videos are hosted on third party sites youtube , yahoo and dailymotion etc.


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