Save All Your Cum For Wife To Get Pregnant



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Maybe if this was something less life threatening. Usually takes a few conversations to get over it.

  • I've never been this intrigued by a post on reddit before. Maybe it's leftover icing and she uses condoms as a piping bag to make intricate designs on cupcakes or cakes!
  • The wife saves her husbands semen from a blowjob, freezes it, and then plants it on some lady she killed to frame him. I Like Tubes 3.
  • Straight up would not pay.
  • Works the same for pee, too. Tell her you found everything.

DESCRIPTION: Also, the sperm is almost certainly not viable at this point, so no reason to try and "nuke" it. Something about that just blows my mind.

AndroideC21: rican me tiene el bicho bien parado.

Worgen4ik: The strawberry gag is a brilliant idea

Dheeman Roy: Angie S. Projekt 54

Mariusz Mika: I remember her at 14

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Eva Mapianda: Both caners certainly deliver the goods

Chad Brookes: she is very cute

Mikoalex Miko: fuck me thats hawt! where is this from?

Islandgirlxx: o homem tem que dominar vc tem muito que aprender mas ela e gostosa mas vergonhosa tem que comer o cu dela pra ela perder a vergonha va por min

Noora Kayed: ele colocou na net mais pode olhar que ele nao aguenta fuder com essa gostosa nao

Oscarglomdez: dress me up then fuck my ass

Neha1123: so sexy great video

Can my wife get pregnant even after my semen leaks out of her? (query)

Feel free to contact us If you need some content to be removed for any reasons! Admittedly this is how I dispose of the condoms after we have sex. My girlfriend is visiting a friend and is away for a few days so I've been going over to her place to feed her fish. It was one of the most enjoyable acts for both of us. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

You have to flash freeze that shit. A Title that summarizes the problem or Fr A Description of your situation. Dispose of it and GTFO, fast. Amateur Cum In The Mouth. This or maybe STD testing, but if she was going to do that why wouldn't she just ask her boyfriend to get tested? I knew some psycho hose beasts in my youth.

  • Anyway, I was asking what the fuck she was up to and she tells me she wants to save up my jism so she can take it all at once. Oh shit, she's coming out now.
  • Find the good stuff
  • I was just warning my 2nd son about this very thing about 2 weeks ago.
  • Go out and buy one of the same condoms and a bottle of glycerin usually found in the health and beauty section Then get a hold of some drug that is soluble in glycerin pretty much all of them.

And if she took the time to put it in a ziplock, she must have intended to save it. I've known a few women who do this. I dislike being negative and critical in such a forum but that second guy wasn't the most exciting and virile brother I've ever seen! So I give her the filled jar all indignant like cause she made me do this, and she promised me lots of kinky sex for it. Chat with x Hamster Live girls now!


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