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Here you can help out a little monster to be the scariest and most glamorous gal at Monster High. And i like that!!!

  • Forget overdone drama, the angst here was on a whole other level. Drew and Anna were having great chemistry and when they were together everything was smooth and beautiful
  • I may be unfair and harsh and I have to admit that I pitied her by the end, but it was too late for me to consider her likeable when she finally got her shit together. Drew has other plans, and won't give up until he makes Anna his.
  • Drew Baylor is really something else.

But Drew is goddamn stubborn and will not give up till he gets Anna. Naturally Anna assumes Drew is just like every other jock, perhaps even worse since he is the star quarterback. Cyber sex at its best. His reputation proceeds him, she has body issues and whatever that she seriously needs to work out because damn girl high school ended quite some time ago and no one ever bothered you at college until you started banging superstud because DUH jealous hos. Well done, Kristen Callihan. She has to just I'm not a fan of hook ups, sex-only relationships or new-adult reads.

DESCRIPTION: Anna is not impressed by his adulation. Somehow, I find my voice. The Hook Up proved me wrong.

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You didn't know how to live under my light? It does mark you. While Drew is Mr. Alright, enough of that. Unfortunately, Anna wants it to remain a hook up. I know there are times I wanted to smack her a little for making poor decisions but I can actually understand where she's coming from. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. They slowly, but consequently moved their relationship to next levels.

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I didn't think much of Drew's best-friend, Gray, in the beginning of the story, and I wondered how I would even want to read his story, but towards the last quarter of the book he proved to be more than a one dimensional character and I am so very excited to be starting his book next!!!

He had a tragic past, but he doesn't obsess over that, he's hot yet sweet, and he's not a manwhore. I was not expecting this book to be as hot as it was, but the sex was never too much.

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  • Watching her grow into the woman she was meant to be was like coming home.

Other books in the series. Online Hook Bay is a Sports game to play free online. I have to admit that in the most part of the book, she was irritating me very much. Because the object of my affection hates me. My mind is stuck on one thing.

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But also their chemistry was so freaking hot too. She wasn't annoying though, when she finally got her shit together, she fought for Drew and helped him through rough times, she was there for him when he needed her most. One day he is literally knocked on his ass when he lays eyes on Anna Jones on their first day in Philosophy class. Stranger still, it feels as if I know him, have known him for years. Drew Baylor is the star quarterback on a winning football team. His mouth crashes into mine on the next breath. I think they still have the high School one and the University one I liked both of them actually But other that, site fell off Easier said than done.

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