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Members can make blogs, add friends, and set up events and advertize with Tribe. If you were an athlete you didn't get dressed until you were ready to leave the locker room. I was naked in public, and the guy was more than 20 years younger than me.

  • However, many of the large Grou.
  • The most anyone ever had on were maybe a pair of flip flops, although most guys were barefoot.
  • Some fellow took my photos while I was totally naked, and with the other naked boys too. I was on a business trip and looking around for a jo partner on line.

DESCRIPTION: We didn't talk much or even joke much about our sexual anatomy and the word "homosexual" was foreign to our thoughts and vocabularies - the term "gay" didn't exist then. Click here to see the current list of CMNM locations added by our members.

Yumi Haruyuki: I wouldnt fuck that nasty prolapsing dirt-bag with a stolen dick!

Freya Mv?ller: Anybody know this actresses name

Nigra Mensis: The Older one, keeping her jeans until the end , was hot.

Chen Xin: I want some of that

Jay Bagdi: very hot whores , wnonderful clip

Jacy Machado: would lo ve to train you aiaay/slave!

Ilke_yigiter: i love it when the girls play nice!

ZOiNhUh: gorgeous erik everhard :)

This blog is devoted to experiences, stories, discussions, information, links to other Net resources and maybe visual media for guys who are into n2 CMNM - clothed male-naked male scenes. Swimming naked was the norm. Guys would sit nude on a bench around the pool and read the newspaper. Queerclique is the free social networking community for QueerClick the commercial gay porn mega-blog and gallery site. When I was growing up in the 50's, we had a couple of very popular swimming holes where we went skinny dipping, regardless who else was there all the boys were naked. There was a large gang shower where all showered together. San Francisco or Bay Area.

Guys into CMNM

I was a late bloomer and had no pubic hair when I was You only wore swim trunks if females were around. Sign In or Join Email Address. AT my High school, aGy boys swimming classes required were nude.

New to Group Sex? We all showered together, pissed together, shaved together, carried on conversations--all in the nude. Nobody ever harrased me or made fun of me. Various photo-sharing group inside Flickr. So while this was not my first time messing with a guy, it was a first CMNM experience.

cheboza.ru Tumblr Page. Uruguain rugby player Leandro Leivas gets naked, Wicked Gay Blog makes NO claims as to the sexual orientation of any. The home page for blogs about M4M group sex and other Group Sex in the City Becomes Wicked Gay is NYC's ONLY large-scale,SAFE-SEX,DRUG-FREE,ALL-NUDE . A gay blog from a boston something year old guy on all things life, pop culture, politics, people, places, hot men, and of course music - all with a twisted gay slant!

I grew up in the late 50's, 60's and early 70s.

I'd like to hear about others guys' experiences with "innocent" CMNM, especially first times. However, we did have to wear speedos for the actual meets. April 27, at Men always wear towels.

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  • Coach watches while the doctor anally examines his star athlete.
  • Past Experiences and First Time.

We also invite you to join one of our social networking sites for CMNM: I was on a business trip and looking around for a jo partner on line. Being naked together was part of the joy of manhood--it's how men and boys were. Such is the magic of this complicated scene - CMNM. Wow, how do I begin?


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